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            Hybrid flower seed production  
          Home OEM Seed Production
          Breeding experts of our company began trying flower seed production from early 1990s with simple bulb flowers like tulip, gladiolus hybridus, hyacinth and lily etc. and succeeded in tulip bulb seed production which was the first trial in Dalian, China.
          We started hybrid flower seeds production in 1999 and have been exporting all the seeds since. We improved the production technology a lot at the early time, but the quality and yield were not stable because of the limitation of equipment and management. To improve the quality, we decided to establish our own 100Mu seed farm and started scaled, specialized and high quality hybrid flower seed production.
          There are too many varieties of flower seeds and much difficulty in emasculation and pollination without completed reference material in China. According to the requirements of production, at the same time with improving production facilities, we organized our staffs to study abroad and invited foreign experts to supervise in seed farm frequently. Through years of trial and error, we have trained an excellent team of technicians and workers in hybrid flower seed production.
          Also, we established strict quality control system and effect traceability method to ensure the high quality requirement. Our hybrid seeds of Dianthus, Pansy, Viola, Petunia, Delphinium and Interhenium have kept achieving international trade standard and gained trust of our partners.
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