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            Vegetable seed production  
          Home OEM Seed Production
          Vegetable seed production started at the beginning of 1980s according to the opening policy in China. The breeding expert of our company who came back to China in 1980 after finishing study and research at Peto Seeds Company, in the U.S. He started hybrid vegetable seed production for the first time in China and that achieved prizes from China's Science Committee, China Agriculture Ministry, and Liaoning Province.
          Because of the efficient technology propaganda, the enterprise of China's hybrid vegetable seed production expanded rapidly and has became a good way for farmers to get good earnings and to obtain foreign currencies since 1981.
          At present, our company is still keeping a good cooperation relationship with some overseas seed companies, producing OEM tomato, pepper, pumpkin, cucumber and melon seeds etc. We have gained reputation for providing high quality seeds and for ensuring partners' stock seeds and hybrid seeds from losing.
          Stockseed production
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          Pepper seed production
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          Radish seed production
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          Melon seed production
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